Ideas For Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

As part of our #realhomesmovement, some of our lovely community have been bringing out their gorgeous home pics! Recently I shared a beautiful home tour from Pretty Rustic and this gorgeous vintage kitchen cabinet.
Vintage kitchen dresserI then shared a tour of Gina’s home, which also includes a stunning vintage kitchen cabinet.

It triggered off a whole lot of sharing! People were so excited to tell their stories surrounding their vintage cupboards and lots of memories were shared. There is something so lovely about a piece of furniture or an item that has been handed down, or that you have found and worked on yourself – all of the stories that live underneath the timber, or in each coat of carefully layered paint, make these things far more than decorative in our lives. In today’s fast busy digital world, the beauty of touching something made many years ago, something that has lived through many lives, brings us great joy.
Here is a look at some of what you shared.

Sophia’s vintage cabinet also started an avalanche of people sharing theirs!

Caterina has 2 cabinets and is unsure whether to paint one white or leave both natural

“I love the white paint look. I own two kitchenettes. I love them so much. Should I paint this one white? “- Caterina. I think the thing is about your home is do what works for YOU. If you love natural go natural, if you love painted, go painted. Your home should reflect you and not be about pleasing anyone else. #realhomesmovement

Ali's gorgeous vintage kitchen cabinet

Ali’s gorgeous vintage kitchen cabinet

Jade's 1930's original hutch and enamelware canisters

Jade’s 1930’s original hutch and enamelware canisters

Kathrin – she loves this and wants to strip it back to the timber one day. A lucky buy at $50!!! Allows space for it in laundry/pantry – a tight fit and took four guys to lift it in…

Kathrin says this one is on the larger size and in amazing condition, just a bit of mesh in a corner above the right hand cupboard which has the slatted shelves, and one slightly bowed door. So heavy!! “I’ve got another more curvy one under a tarp outside… I painted that one in metallic aluminium coloured paint (actual oil based radiator paint!!) so that is another way to upgrade colour wise” she says.

Lauren’s Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Upcycle

Lauren – We have one as well. Kept it more timber and painted the inside an aqua and the brackets black to fit in with our vintage industrial look. All original we collect meat safe (12) in total at home. So much character.

Michelle – Here is mine. It was made by a friends uncle from silky oak wood I’m told. My favourite thing about it is the secret compartment underneath it

Nicolette – This was Nicolette’s grandmother’s kitchen cabinet – she restored it 23 years ago

Robyn’s vintage kitchen cabinet in her dining room

Robyn’s vintage kitchen cabinet in her dining room

Tanya – This is one of her pieces she has worked on. She says she absolutely loves the old kitchen hutches

Katie’s Vintage Kitchen Dresser which she has renovated and is selling

Kerry – she didn’t paint or restore it and loves owning it. All original but the glass is gone

Sheryl – this is hers which she calls Mabel. She has this in their rec room

Liz’s vintage kitchen dresser

What a lot of wonderful vintage kitchen cabinets!! We LOVE peeking into your homes and as part of our #realhomesmovement we would love to share your story. It may be as simple as one piece you love to an entire tour. Please get in touch

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