Our Dreaming by Kirli Saunders & Dub Leffler

Goodjagah, little one, walk with me … I want to tell you our Dreaming as the Elders told it to me.

Our Dreaming is a beautiful and uplifting picture book, by award-winning storytellers, Gunai woman Kirli Saunders and Bigambul man Dub Leffler. It explores a deep love and respect for Country and all her spirits…past, present and beyond.

The narrator, an echidna, invites her little one to walk with her, to take time to learn, understand and consider, what Gundungurra Dreaming and Country mean. As they walk through Country, noticing animals and plants, explaining stories of the Dreaming, the reader is taken on a gentle journey of discovery too, with Gundungurra words used in each passage of text. At the end of the book, there is a Gundungurra word list, explaining the meaning of each word used in the story and how to pronounce these words. It offers opportunity to engage with this language and to connect to its sounds and rhythms, supported by the illustrations.

‘Our Dreaming is different to the others, goodjagah. You see, each nation has their own.’

Exploring the complexity and layers of the Dreaming, the book describes the uniqueness of each nation and how Dreaming connects each nation to Country, emphasising the importance of this in ‘sustaining land, culture and lore.’

Dub Leffler’s illustrations are are drawn in muted, earthy tones, that also reflect the colours of Country – using shades of green and brown, with soft strokes and a lightness of touch. It is a fantastic resource for any classroom or library and perfect to have on your shelves at home to read with your children and grandchildren or simply to enjoy yourself. This gentle but powerful story is perfect for bedtime or any time you want to connect to Country. Available wherever you usually buy books.

Kirli Saunders is a proud Gunai Woman and award-winning multidisciplinary creator and consultant. An experienced speaker and facilitator advocating for the environment, gender and racial equality and LGBTIQA+ rights, Kirli was named the NSW Aboriginal Woman of the Year in 2020.
Dub Leffler is a descendent from the Bigambul people of South-West Queensland. He is one of Australia’s most awarded and in-demand illustrators of children’s literature.


  1. Helen on August 15, 2022 at 9:28 am

    So beautiful!

    • Helen Edwards on August 15, 2022 at 10:35 am

      It’s a wonderful book!

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