The Recycled Interiors Podcast 002: Simple Steps to a More Sustainable Home with The New Joneses

Today is episode 2 on the Recycled Interiors podcast!! And we are kicking off our chats with a cracker! Tamara DiMattina has appeared on ABC 774, ABC Radio National, SBS News, Mornings with Sonia and David, CH7 Sunrise, The Age, Herald Sun, Sunday Life, she has been featured in books and publications on waste-free choices and the conscious consumption lifestyle. And now she is on our brand spanking new podcast! She is frequently booked to speaks to councils, schools, corporates and non government organisations, about sustainable living and making a difference.
After studying PR at R.M.I.T Tamara worked in PR, marketing and communications in London, Beijing, Sydney and Melbourne. She created Trumpet PR + Marketing, a communications business focusing on positive behavior change campaigns on creating stronger and sustainable communities. In January 2010 Tamara visited Dharavi, Mumbai’s infamous slum, to see where ‘waste’ from the west goes to get recycled. In March 2010, she visited Antarctica to study sustainability, returning to undertake a Fellowship at Centre for Sustainability Leadership. In 2010 Tamara created Buy Nothing New Month, the campaign for conscientious consumption that has received global media coverage as well. In 2012 she created The New Joneses, a living pop-up installation that embodies the principles of stylish, waste-free, conscious living. Both campaigns exist to take green from mungbean to mainstream, inspiring us all to make consumer decisions based on what’s good for our people and planet.

Links we talk about in the show

Buy Nothing New Month
Like FebFast for wasteful consumption, Buy Nothing New Month is about taking a month off unnecessary consumption.  It’s not Buy Nothing New Never, it’s simply taking the month of October to reassess how we buy, what and why and to look at the alternatives that are conscientious, collaborative, better for people and planet.
The New Joneses:
The New Joneses is an annual living installation of what smart, stylish, sustainable living looks like. It is a prefab pop up house, installed in Melbourne’s CBD. It looks at how we live from the start of a building, to how we live in our homes.
Here is the resource we mention for you to download The New Joneses – 10 steps to sustainable living

Points that you will really want to remember from the episode

  1. There is a lot of messed up stuff going on in our planet
  2. But we have beautiful solutions –  every time you buy something, you have a huge amount of power to spend that in a way that is better for people and planet
  3. All of our actions have an impact – make the choice that is going to have a positive impact
  4. As a collective group, we have the most power – let’s all do it together
  5. There is an LED light which also has speakers in it! Yes there really is! And it sounds very cool – getting one product to do more than one thing is an essential part of sustainable living
  6. Your banking – it is a huge investment, and where are they spending your money? Ethical and responsible investment of your money matters
  7. What is better for your health is better for the planet – for example, walking instead of taking the car. It is not always about what is faster, but what is better. And how much faster is it really?
  8. The BMWi3 is a very zippy electric car!
  9. Your rubbish does not  magically disappear
  10. The environment is totally connected to YOU – we are our environment. Whatever we put down our drains, into our air, water and earth, comes back into us in some way
  11. Secondhand is not second best!
  12. Everyone can pick up on an area we can change, wherever you are financially, mentally, spiritually – make a switch today and make a difference to us all

Hope you enjoye the episode. A few episodes will go live this week, with a regular weekly episode on a Friday from there.
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  1. WasteNot on September 27, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    I just found your podcasts and found this one really interesting, having seen the New Joneses display at City Square in the past. It’s such a shame that so many people still equate “new” with “better”. It’s really only true when it comes to sustainable techonologies! 🙂

  2. Recycled_Interiors on September 27, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    @WasteNot thank you so much. That is so so true! We could not agree more. Thank you for listening 🙂

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