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I have had a run of illness lately, which was very frustrating for a busy bee person like myself, followed by a few days of better health, followed by stabbing myself in the eye with a pot plant (not my first time), resulting in excruciating pain and a few days of being unable to do anything but try to find a moment without pain (and failing to do so). I am almost better now, but it has given me some time to gaze inwards,. I have also been busy rearranging and spring cleaning (hence the eye injury!), and adding some new vintage pieces, as well as just moving things around. Spring is such a time of renewal, but that does not mean throwing out things that are no longer “trendy” and buying new items.
Here is my beautiful “new” vintage couch.

When I started my blog, it was with a passion for vintage and boho style decorating, and the desire to encourage other people to see the beauty in this, along with the impact our homes have on the environment. A community grew quickly, as I discovered lots of you out there with the same passions. Sometimes people from my other world – health, diabetes, wellbeing, mental health – have asked me why The thing is, I am still in both of these worlds, clearly continuing to complete my PhD, and work in diabetes and wellbeing. What I think some people miss however is that it is not one or the other – my work here is also about health and wellbeing. Every time I get a message from one of you like the one below, it reminds me again that decorating, styling, sharing vintage finds – all of these things are much more than what you see on the surface.

This came to me from the lovely Kathryn – it made me very emotional and brought home what our #realhomesmovement is all about

“I would just like to say thank you! I had a house I wasn’t happy with 12 months ago. I found your Facebook page & bought your book.. I realised that after buying “beautiful homes” magazines & trying to copy them… my house was not my home anymore after friends telling me I had to much stuff & trying to impress them + the magazines telling me what was in… I was miserable in my own home! I now love my clutter & my Crap..As others call it… I am comfortable & can’t wait for the next garage sale! Thank you thank you thank you! xxxxx”

Besides making me shed a tear, it also brings forward the point of it all – that how you feel about your home and yourself are so important, and that a home which reflects YOU and does not try to keep up with the Joneses, is the best one of all.  These are images of my home – I love it and it makes me happy, despite wanting to paint, fix floors and do lots of other things. There is always something to be doing at home, and that is both the challenge and the joy of it. At the end of the day, the best parts of your home are the moments when you sit at night, snuggled on the couch with your loved ones, chatting about your day, sharing laughter and silliness, sheltering yourselves from the terrible things that can happen out there in the world. Always see things through your own eyes. Always do what you love, what makes you feel happy, comfortable and excited, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.
“The simple act of tending to her home, sorting and shifting, hands and body busy so her mind could rest itself on the tasks at hand, allowed herself to linger…..and reminded her life is all about the moments”.

No task is as important as the one that enriches the moment. In these moments of illness, recovery and pondering, I have been adding and faffing, shifting, layering. As someone who has lived with depression and carries anxiety around like a little cat on my shoulder, these simple acts of body, the getting lost in the creativity of it all, allow me to breathe and seek the light and the resting spots in life. Even when thoughts about getting my PhD done or watching the bank account or wondering if my beautiful boys will be ok, creep into my head, these simple acts soothe me and remind me to live life today. And from there something magical usually happens.

May your days be full of moments to be mindful, no matter how small, and to do something creative to fill you up with joy, something you see with your own eyes – because sometimes even when you feel smacked down, it’s a small moment that guides you up

Recycled’s Selfie!


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