Gus and The Starlight by Victoria Carless

Have you ever wanted to live in a movie theatre? Or, if you’re old enough to remember, even a drive-in? I am old enough to remember the magic of the drive-in; watching a story unfold on the screen against the backdrop of the stars, snuggled safely inside your car, or sitting out under a blanket,…

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Sweet Sixteen

australian writing competitions to enter

Image is my grandma with my son Maxwell at her 100th – during the speeches he crawled closer and closer to her, and she reached out for a cuddle, it was one of the most beautiful moments watching her with the grandchildren while her children spoke about their love for her. Do you enter writing…

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Tick Tock

Australian children's book author Helen Edwards

All the clocks in the house ticked together, some slightly off-beat, a musical background to her life. Tick, Tick, Tick. Tock, Tock Tock. Precision. Predictable. “Yet time runs away,” she thought, “Like wild horses galloping across the soft white snow, manes tossing in the wind.” She had seen those horses once. They stood in the…

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