Seven Tips For Writers to Improve Your Social Media

We all know social media can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to our personal and our professional lives. I can’t count the number of times, I’ve seen conversations online, about which platform is your ‘favourite’ and which ones you would like to ditch. But whether you love or hate it, social…

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12 Ways to Create a Content Strategy for Your Blog & Social Media

12 Ways To Create a Content Strategy For Your Blog & Social Media

Do you have a business? Are you writing a blog and/or using relevant social media channels to share and promote your work? Whether you are a maker, artist, writer, product-based business, service provider, educator, news or media website, advocate, activist, health care professional, charity, or anything else, social media is an ever-growing suite of thousands…

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Let It Go

how to let go of anxiety and deal with the haters on social media

In the chaos of the world, do you wonder what on earth you are doing sometimes? Does worrying become your everyday companion? Does the relentless stream of information coming at you, make you feel like you are drowning? It can feel like everything is pointless. It can feel like there is nothing you can do…

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Ten Tips for Finding Balance in Social Media

10 tips for finding balance on social media for sustainable activists, health bloggers, artists and writers

Social media is now a large part of most people’s daily lives. But when you have your own business, such as being a blogger, writer, creative, or advocate online, you can start to feel like a slave to social media. It is easy to get caught up in the small things, especially when you spend…

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