The Elementals Collection by St James Whitting, Coloured by Resene


There are so many talented people in Australia, and 2 of our most creative, experienced and passionate interior designers, Kate St James, and Catherine Whitting, of St James Whitting, are delighted to announce their collaboration with Resene paints, to create the Elementals Collection. With more than 50 years of combined experience, St James Whitting specialises in environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly building and interior design, and believes that everyone has the right to beautiful and sustainable design, filled with glorious colour that enhances your home and your wellbeing. St James Whitting has created the Elementals Collection for Resene, which features unique colours born from the designers’ passions for the elements, with names such as Alcatraz Escape, Montauk, Noosa Blue, Bangalow Leaf, Cartegena and Elche. The collection captures elements from nature, the environment and original artworks, translating them into curated palettes of colour, offering the market a collection unavailable anywhere else in the world.

“This range of 140 stunning colours represents our travels within Australia and around the world, where we took inspiration from the spectacular urban and natural environments in locations such as the cities, the beaches, the bays and the countryside,” explain Kate and Catherine. “Colours range from neutral to vibrant with each palette available in a range of paint finishes to suit individual requirements and projects. Kate and Catherine have used and specified Resene for many years in private practice, as well as through education and editorials, and they support and endorse the values and ethics of the brand.

Each palette in this new range comes with their inspiration, ideas and tips included so that you can create the perfect interior or exterior with ease and confidence. Being able to understand the way the colours might work together and in your particular space, is a unique approach. Resene has an extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints that have been independently verified, including no added VOCs and an extensive range of low VOC products. Resene was named Sustainable Business of the Year 2010 and has actively worked with environmentally focused programmes, such as the Green Building Council (founding member), Homestar and the Sustainable Business Network.
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decorating
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decoratingWorking with an interior designer is an important part of your home project, and having someone who is qualified and experienced with a sustainable approach, can make all the difference. They are trained to understand space and to get the most out of a building from both a practical and visual perspective. “We look at maximising the space in interiors without cramming them full and ensure they are used in a practical way. The spaces within a building should enhance the experience of the inhabitants; whether at home, in the workplace or the commercial environment” say Kate and Catherine. Their designs employ the best, eco-friendly materials, high quality workmanship, hardware and appliances. They design for the future to ensure your spaces will last well into the future.

Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decoratingKate and Catherine can also custom design furniture and joinery for your interior using sustainable materials and manufacturing. “We don’t only supply other people’s designs or products and furniture, ensuring a truly bespoke service” they explain. Working with a team of trusted consultants and professionals who share our ethos and commitment to quality and sustainability, we specify products with a clear provenance, chain of custody, life cycle assessment, and where available certification and stewardship”. All products are designed to be manufactured as sustainably as possible:  no VOC paints, pure wool and bamboo rugs, hemp fabrics, eco-friendly paper and inks.  All their beautiful artworks are painted on hemp canvas and high quality paper, and limited editions are printed on museum quality artpaper using high quality inks to produce Fine Art Giclee prints.
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decorating
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decorating
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decorating
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decorating
Tips and ideas on sustainable interior design and decoratingTheir designs are created to work together, with the colours all coordinating with this new Resene paint range.  “There’s still work to be done on the fabric range, but we’ve made a start and are planning some add-on products, such as quilted bed toppers, cushions and other soft-furnishings – all custom made to order so there is no waste.  We only work with companies who share our ethos for eco-friendly, sustainable products” add Kate and Catherine. I can not wait to see what they do next!
You can find St James Whitting art works, rugs, design services, Resene paint collection and more, on their website


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