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I am very excited to launch my brand new online course for writers – The Resilient Writer – with the very lovely Anna Featherstone at Bold Authors. When Anna approached me about developing a course, this one was already sitting inside of me, waiting to pour out. I had been working on the idea of a course for writers in relation to mental health and resilience for quite a while. Joining with Anna, was the perfect way to make sure all of my ideas and experiences could come together in this very comprehensive course.

Do you want to be a joyful, resilient writer with a thriving career?
Need help with your author mindset?
Want to bust through writer’s block and leave imposter syndrome behind?
The Resilient Writer course is for you!

All of those ideas and experiences have combined in over 4 hours of video, where I take you through the emotional, social and mental health tools and supports you need as a writer – and how to access them. I will explain how your background and current circumstances impact you as a writer. Show you the different ways you can respond to negativity – from yourself and others, including dealing with beta reader and early reader feedback, publisher and agent rejections, and book reviews.

The course brings together solutions to many of the challenges facing writers, including supporting yourself financially, learning how to say ‘no’ and how to figure out what to say ‘yes’ to when building your writing career, as well as dealing with all of the ‘non-writing’ business of being an author.

You’ll also learn how to navigate:

  • Writer FOMO
  • Writer’s block
  • Anxiety about submitting your work
  • Making decisions about writing ‘rules’ and what actually works for you
  • Fear of rejection
  • Waning creativity
  • Lack of support and where to find support
  • Why time away from writing helps and how to deal with worrying when you are forced away from writing
  • Overcoming reticence about asking for help
  • Preparing for public appearances and public speaking
  • and much more!

Discover ‘Big Sky Thinking’ for Writers, How to wear a ‘Writer’s Coat’, Mindfulness and other useful exercises to help re-fill your cup with creativity and confidence. Learn to sit with difficult thoughts and feelings, commit to action and take the steps you need to boost your writing confidence and listen to your own beating heart.

This course covers a huge amount of material, that will give you many insights into your drivers and barriers, as well as tools and practical steps to get your writing and your author persona on track. I cover the ways in which nature and nutrition are important tools for any author, help you to discover the difference between burnout, depression and low mood, find ways to feel more comfortable about sharing your work with others, and guide you through mindfulness exercises and positive creative visualisations.

This course will help you take the steps to:

  • Find your people so you can create connections with other writers and creatives.
  • Deal with all of the long periods of waiting as a writer.
  • Understand what happens once your book is in the world.
  • Grapple with author FOMO when everyone else is seems to be getting book deals and winning literary awards and attending every event!
  • Learn how to compare your work with others in order to learn and develop, without falling into comparison (yes there is a difference!).
  • Discover how to handle social media and potential negativity toward your writing aspirations.
  • Find the courage to be vulnerable and why that is so important in your writing.
  • Step boldly into your Writer’s Coat and follow your dreams.

There are summaries of lessons and useful downloads for you to use in developing your mental health tool box and grow your resilience. You can pause and return to the video content, to make sure you get the most out of what you need, right now, and into the future. This course is not just for authors of books. It is relevant to writers of all types.

Head here to get all the details and sign up to the course. Once you have signed up, if you want to take things further, you can get in touch with me in relation to my 1-1 writer mentoring services.

And here is a little intro from me!

Helen xx

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