Upcycled Pallet Projects: How to Make a Pallet Organiser Shelf

upcycled pallet

Are you on the pallet train? These seemingly innocent creatures have taken the upcycling and interiors world by storm and are now showing up everywhere, even in high level interior photo shoots, in everything from beds to tables. Today I am sharing a very simple project from ReFab Diaries, which she originally posted on her site – you can do without any real skills or time. So a perfect one! I will be sharing a series of upcycled pallet projects so let me know if you have any to share.
pallet organiser
Pallet wood is not always great quality, so importantly look for pallets which have a good finish and some integrity to the timber. Candice found this one in her alley and it was almost brand new. This is one of the best pallets as it is made of solid, beautiful, mostly smooth pine.
Candice then took it home and turned it into a great workbench organiser, simply by removing a few slats. The nails in pallets can be quite long so you have to be patient or you ruin the wood when removing sections. Once this one started to look more like a shelving system and she was happy with the structure, she stained parts of it, to give a warm finish.
upcycled palletIn her previous apartment, Candice had used the Ikea bar system in her bathroom and kitchen, and they make the perfect addition to her new storage system. She also added a couple of cup hooks to hold scissors. That is all folks! See, very simple. Just a case of looking at things from another angle which you know is one of my passions.
upcycled palletAll this takes up one corner of her room that’s supposed to be a “dining room”. She says it is pretty liberating to just make the decision to have a multi-roomed living area. Because easy access to tools and books and materials makes living richer for her. Eating also happens in this room. And bird watching. And ballet practice. And many other things. What a perfect room for a reloved pallet.
Do you love pallets and have you turned them into anything? I would love to share so please get in touch!


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