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Earth Greetings sustainable diaries and cards

Earth Greetings sustainable diaries and cards

Earth Greetings design and make greeting cards, stationery and homewares, with the lightest possible footprint on the planet. Some of the ways they achieve this, are by choosing 100% recycled, natural and biodegradable materials, avoiding plastic, carbon offsetting and donating a minimum 10% of profits to environmental organisations. From humble beginnings as an Earth friendly card business founded solo in 2003 byHeide Hackworth, Earth Greetings have grown to a team of 6 ‘superwomen’ who take care of customers and make sure all orders are packed beautifully, and arrive on time. Now, as the Creative Director, Heide enjoys collaborating with a collective of fabulous artists who produce their distinctively Australian native botanical designs.

Although the Earth Greetings focus is still on Australian made 100% recycled cards and stationery, the range has expanded to include homewares made from natural and biodegradable materials, such as locally made bamboo decorations and organic cotton tea towels printed with water based ink. I had a chat with Heide about the brand and why it is important to buy local and ethical products, as well as the benefits of giving.

What are your favourite products?

I’m particularly proud of our 2020 Diary, a collaboration with talented Adelaide based artist Claire Ishino. Most stationery is made cheaply in China these days, but our diaries are made in Australia to lower carbon emissions from transportation. The pages and cover are made from recycled paper which can be also later be recycled again, and the bookmark is made from 100% cotton – so it’s biodegradable. It’s plastic-wrap free too, so it’s possibly the world’s first completely biodegradable diary!

Why are recycled and eco products so important? What materials are used in your products ranges?

Forests are the lungs of the Earth and the last hope for many animals on the brink of extinction. As well as being cleared to grow food for livestock, forests are being felled for paper pulp and this is still happening in Australia. Additionally, as we are now well aware, plastic waste is a huge blight on the ocean and the creatures who inhabit it.

I believe manufacturers have a responsibility to stop forest destruction and plastic waste, which contribute to global warming. Research shows that if you offer people greener choices, they will make them – as long as the cost is the same. As well as being affordable, all Earth Greetings products are plastic-packaging free and made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, natural or biodegradable materials and carbon offset.

As a carbon neutral business, Earth Greetings are subject to an annual audit. This calculates the greenhouse gas emissions from the materials and manufacture of every single product we produce, as well as the day-to-day running of the business, including freighting our orders. This amount of greenhouse gas is then offset by our investment in the re-establishment of a biodiversity corridor which returns homes to wildlife and importantly, oxygen, to the atmosphere.

Why is sustainability important to you personally

It is easy to be distracted from the plight of the planet and and switch off from the outdoors (as we switch on our devices). I enjoy bushwalking, koala watching and bird spotting, and I think I appreciate nature on a salient level, because I’m regularly physically present within it. This greatly contributes to my happiness. So, I do feel a real sense of despair when I think about the fragility of animals and the loss of their habitats, and a responsibility toward contributing to their survival.

Do you have any tips to share?

At one of the conservation parks where I regularly bushwalk, the creek dries up after the winter rains stop. Last summer was so hot and dry, that I started to put bowls of water out for the resident koalas and birds. Within the microcosm of this bushland, surrounded by encroaching suburbia, where I have witnessed the climate changing and the animals struggle, this one small gesture has made a huge difference to their survival. It’s overwhelming to comprehend meaningful action in a climate emergency, but it is possible to make a tangible difference within our own surroundings.

Earth Greetings sustainable diaries and cardsWhy do you think people love to receive snail mail and handwritten cards, in this digital world?

I believe the imperfection of the written word is a much truer and direct expression of personality and feelings, than an email or text could ever be. When we receive a beautiful card or handwritten letter, we know someone has taken the time to think about us and that’s pretty special these days when we are all so busy.

Why does creativity matter – to you personally and for people in general? What are the benefits of being creative and enjoying other people’s creativity? Why is shopping local and handmade so important?

It seems natural for humans to want to emulate and enhance their surroundings. For me personally, creativity gives me that wonderful sense of purpose you get when you bring something unique into the world. In my collaborations with other artists I get to share the joy of their art with others on a wider scale. For many artists and makers their creativity is a side hustle, so I feel happy that I can support them to make their art career viable. It’s important to shop local and handmade, not only to support an artist’s livelihood but to reduce your impact on the planet.


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