Growing Organic Food in Containers

Growing your own food is not only fun but also super healthy and rewarding. Planting in unusual and upcycled containers is even better! There are so many options for what you can plant your herbs and vegetable into. You don’t need heaps of space to start growing your own herbs and vegetables. Just about anything…

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Embrace Your Inner Green Thumb For National Tree Day

If you follow me on social media, especially Instagram, you will know how much I love trees. I take a daily walk amongst the trees and they are vital to my wellbeing, as they are to yours. In an upcoming podcast episode (yes the Recycled Interiors Podcast launches 5th August so bookmark that!) I chat…

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Upcycled Garden Art From Barbed Wire

upcycled garden art from barbed wire

Sarah Browning of SB Creations, creates upcycled garden art for your home, using old barb wire, wire, old plough discs and used farm pieces. Starting in 2014, she began her business by making handmade soy candles. The garden art started in 2015, firstly with the creation of barb wire balls with her partner’s Mother, Lea. Sarah’s…

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Sustainable Succulent Gardens with Fleurieu Gifts

how to care for succulents with Fleurieu Gifts on the Recycled Interiors Podcast

Charlene Maney, is the proud owner of two “tweenagers”, a husband, a dog, chickens and a little business called Fleurieu Gifts. She creates beautiful and sustainable alternatives to cut flowers using living plants – with sustainable succulent gardens. Fleurieu Gifts provide a fully sustainable mini-garden in every gift, and the purpose is to bring gift-giving to life by…

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How to Make an Upcycled Cable Drum Table Planter

The Little Veggie Patch Co book – DIY Garden Projects is the Little Veggie Patch Co’s fourth book and is a little different from the others, because instead of focusing solely on gardening it covers a range of practical, DIY projects to make the most of your backyard. It’s in their typical fun, bright and entertaining…

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Why You Should Visit Your Local Agricultural Show

sheep at the Royal Adelaide show

Do you go to your local agricultural or royal show? We recently headed to the Royal Adelaide Show which is an institution in South Australia, and firmly entwined in my memories. These start as a child going to the show with my parents back when the show bags were real free sample bags and the…

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